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RAPP Worldwide is a global creative agency that builds direct, meaningful and high-value relationships between brands and people, and is part of Omnicom’s DAS Group of Companies.


During my time at RAPP my clients included Toyota and AARP.

For Toyota I helped build out the truck customization module for the trucks agnostic program, Toyota needed to create a guided experience that begins in Email Marketing and Direct Marketing and extend into digital, which customized the experience based on their truck of interest (TOI) and how they planed to use it.

For AARP the objective was to develop an ideal email experience that supported the optimal Digital First Year experience across the entire AARP ecosystem. As well as drive high-value behaviors that ultimately would lead to renewal.

My responsibilities included market research, UX research, wire-framing, user-testing, UX design.

Trucks Agnostic Email Flow

Trucks Agnostic Email Test Results



  • One of the goals was to understand people in the context of their lives and meeting them on-their-terms. This was essential if the brand relationship between AARP and users was to be valued.
  • Equally, failing to keep up with people’s lives, expectations and needs could render email an obstacle to success.
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